Nuits Sonores - La Direction

Video installation for Nuits Sonores Festival. An array of 5 by 9 LED Screens are suspended above the public of Stage 1 and video is played live to immerse the public.
We played on artists such as Motor City Drum Ensemble, Alunageorge, Lindström vs Todd Terje or Pantha du Prince.
Lighting design by Yves Caizergues, art direction by Aurélien Arnaud, Elsa Audouin & myself. Video work & technical setup by Aurélien Arnaud & myself. Thanks to Mathieu Courbier & Jade Junique for their help. Photos © Sam Veysseyre.

  • VJing

  • After Effects


Collectif Coin

Live installation where an array of 16x16 helium filled balloons is animated in sync with a soundtrack.
Art Direction by Maxime Houot. Electronics, mechanical and software design by Maxime Houot & myself. Sound design by Nohista. Pictures & video © Maxime Houot & Nohista

  • Electronics

  • Fabrication


Airstar Light - Collectif Coin

Interactive and immersive installation were visitors are invited to touch a sensor equipped balloon. This touch is turned into an audio-visual wave that propagates on the other balloons.
For this project, I first created a serie of concept sketchs and basic architectural renderings to get a feel for the final installation. Then, light balloons were provided by Airstar Light and the technical & artistic development was made in collaboration with Maxime Houot.
This installation was presented at Experimenta 2013 & on the Airstar America stand at the LDI Trade Show in Las Vegas.
Video © Airstar Light.

  • Illustration

  • Cinema 4D

  • After Effects

  • Electronics

  • Fabrication


Gemini A

Teaser video for a new jewelry collection by Gemini A. Animation realised under the artistic direction of Mathieu Courbier.

  • After Effects


Noma - Palma Music

Promo video for the release of Noma's first EP "Blacwo". Video played in Resolume Arena and controlled live via a PadKontrol is mapped back on LED strips via a combination of Processing, Syphon, OLA and a Raspberry Pi.

  • Electronics

  • VJing

  • Processing

  • Premiere



Each pixel represents a death as reported in the "Iraq War Logs" leak made available by Wikileaks & The Guardian.
The data covers a time period from January 1st 2004 to December 31st 2009.
Blue = Friendly, Green = Host Nation, Orange = Civilians, Grey = Enemies, as named in the SIGACT database.
First graph is function of sum, second one is function of time.
Source code available on GitHub
Image featured and talked upon on The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Information Aesthetics, Gizmodo and more.
Print publications in Esquire Russia, Taschen's Information Graphics & Tactical Technology Collective's Visualising Information for Advocacy.

  • PostgreSQL

  • GIS

  • Mapnik

  • Processing

Karvt x Hydro 74


Promo video for Karvt showing how a limited edition leather pouch for iPhone is made. Shot on a Canon Rebel T2i. Artwork by Hydro 74. Lens whacking and DIY 3 wheeled dolly involved.

  • Video Shoot

  • Fabrication

  • Leatherworking

  • After Effects

  • Premiere


Quarks Festival

Iteration on the long running project Soundscapes that I started back in 2007 & presented during the Quarks Festival. Those sound visualisation were generated using The Echo Nest API. The files were then manipulated to fit the constraints of machining with either a laser cutter or a 3 axis CNC mill. The objects were produced at the Grenoble FabLab.
Photos © Sam Veysseyre.

  • Laser Cutting

  • Milling

  • Processing


Diplomatic Cover - Ubisoft

Website for Eidos' video game Minininjas. Flash integration, animation and coding with a team of other talents at Diplomatic Cover.

  • Flash Animation

Apple Cutout Info


Short video for Karvt explaining to their customers why they could no longer do an Apple logo cutout on their product.

  • After Effects



  • 2006

    Bachelors Degree in Online Conception and Development

    Les Gobelins, Paris, France

  • 2004

    2 Years Technical Degree in Communication Networks and Services

    IUT of Chambery, Le Bourget du Lac, France

  • 2002

    High School Diploma in Industrial Sciences & Technologies, Microtechnics Option

    Lycée André Argouges, Grenoble, France

Work Experiences

  • Soleil Noir

    Graphic Designer & Junior AD

    Graphic design, Flash integration, animation & development for dynamic websites.

  • Publicis Networks

    Junior AD

    Conception of communication solutions & design of graphic orientations for entertainement companies.

  • Diplomatic Cover

    Flash Developer & Integrator

    Actionscript programming & animation on promotional websites.

  • Bee Buzziness

    Motion designer & Flash integrator

    Actionscript programming & animation for rich-medias to be integrated in virtual documents for corporate clients.

  • La Casemate / Grenoble FabLab

    Scientific Mediator

    Mediation and formation of users to using the tools available at the FabLab Grenoble.

And a whole lot of freelance jobs in between.


  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • InDesign

  • After Effects

  • Cinema 4D

  • ZBrush

  • Premiere

  • Video Shooting

  • Ableton Live

  • ActionScript

  • Java

  • HTML

  • JavaScript

  • CSS

  • Arduino

  • Electronics

  • Solidworks

  • Product Design

  • Digital Fabrication

  • what else ?


I'm French, but don't worry I also speak English fluently.
And here's a map of where in the world I was able to show my abilities.


And some of my works have been featured in those publications and websites.