Kamel Makhloufi


arts & technology



Annecy-based jack-of-all-trades, working with artists to help them get their ideas off the ground.


Anaïs Pereira Dos Passos, 2018

Unreal Engine 4 VR integration

[WIP] An empty white room, a green rectangle painted on a wall, and a papier-maché sculpture holding the VR headset. In the virtual world, you are in the same physical space, but augmented by sculptures and videos.


Jean-Damien Charmoille, 2017

CAD modeling, welding, 3D printing, wiring

The steel structure is rotating 360° using a windshield wiper motor. A videoprojector contained inside displays subtitles in the physical space.


Kamel Makhloufi, 2017

SQL database, nodejs front and backend

[WIP] An inventory server & frontend for keeping track of the multiple tools lent to the students at ESAAA. Database & web server running on a Raspberry Pi 3, accessible from any browser on the local network and Raspberry Pi based kiosks installed in the tools storage rooms. Can also be exported as a MacOS / Windows application using Electron. Opensourced on GitHub.


Kamel Makhloufi, 2017

Metalworking, electronics & programming

[WIP] An object with all the buzzwords : IoT, WiFi-Connected, domotic, adressable LEDs, maybe even wearable.


Korto Bojovitch Amar, 2017

Electronics, programming, custom scripts

A couple of Big Mouth Billy Bass singing a trap track. Processing sketch for converting MIDI synchronization files to LAB files, and modifications to bmbb-linux-RPi to control both fish from a single raspberry pi.


Korto Bojovic Amar, 2017

Scripting, Modeling, 3D printing

A sentence is recorded. The audio files are used as source to create normal maps. Those maps are applied to base objects to create the deformation. The meaning of the sentence is linked to the object being deformed.


Kamel Makhloufi, 2017


[WIP] Emulating a LePaute masterclock using modern low-power components in order to restore an old slave clock. Should be running for 6+ months on a single AA cell. More infos on GitHub.


Louis Etcheto, 2016

Unreal Engine integration & blueprints

The NPC starts at the bottom of the mountain. Its only goal is to reach the top. Something near the summit always makes it trip, ragdolling back to the plains. Repeat.


Kamel Makhloufi, 2016

ESP8266, thermal printer, nodejs

Express yourself here.

Free speech is on the way out & anonymity doesn’t existe anymore, but people simply need a space to vent, express their thought or make dirty jokes without risks. This printer just prints whatever is posted on a web page. However, words will be blacked out, randomly, because they might be offensive. Source on GitHub.


Thierry Mouillé, 2016

OpenFrameworks laser projection, mechanics, stencils

Full 27 minutes video on Facebook.

Rotating postcard holders with emergency blankets. Laser typography projection, live VJing. For the Do Disturb festival at Palais de Tokyo, Paris. Collective performance by Thierry Mouillé, David Zerbib, Gérard Meurant and Louise Bernatowiez (Elektronisch Volume), Grégoire Bergeret, Julia Kremer, Charlie Hamish Jeffery and Stéphane Bérard. Video credits Naïm Aït-Sidhoum & Ophélie Carpentier.

Tools Skin

Damien Caron, 2015

Laser cutting

More infos here. A triangular pattern is laser cut on a hand-crafted cherrywood Louis XV commode. The defocalisation of the laser beam creates various width lines, playing with the woodgrain and the curves of the object.

Denis Savary, 2015

Process definition, 3D modeling, laser cutting

Leather-bound cases. The wooden structures were made by a group of students from ESAAA working with the artist Denis Savary for his Neige de Printemps exhibition at Mamco, Geneva. Project made with Mikaël Detez de la Dreve, Océan Delbes, and others I forgot.


Flavien Laboirie, 2015

Electronics, programming

[WIP] Implementing an artist’s memoire as a text adventure game on the Original Gameboy and Gameboy Color. More infos on the fully working cartridge and programmer on GitHub. The game for the cartridge was never finished, but a JavaScript prototype exists somewhere.

Nuits Sonores

La Direction, 2013

MIDI setup, video production, live vjing

Light design by Yves Caizergues, artistic direction by La Direction, photos by Sam Veysseyre